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7 Memorable Shows of Meghdhanush

Meghdhanush’s first love is the Stage. From the energy every artist feels while performing to the crowd grooving and singing to the live music, what’s not there to love about live shows. The feeling of sharing their music with thousands of people is what excites the band members.

Every show has its own challenges, nervousness, excitement and memories. However, there are a few shows that are very close to the band. Let’s take you on a ride while they go back in time and re-live their musical journey.

1. Sabar Institute of Technology: Beginning of their journey (2010)

The band was formed in 2009 and back then the band culture had not seeped into India. So, for the love of performing, Meghdhanush did many free shows, and this was one of them. But it is one of the most memorable shows because they ended up performing for two hours while their time slot was just half an hour. For a musician, there’s no happiness greater than being asked to keep performing and then the collective sound of ‘Once more, once more!’

2. Nirma: First paid show (2010)

At times, our dreams seem too big to others. At times, our parents are not on the same boat while we sail towards our goal. Same was the case with the band members. But this show changed so much for each of them. Their parents came for the show, and when they saw the crowd loving, singing, cheering and grooving to their child’s music, and that their kids were being paid to perform, their hearts melted. From then till today, they have supported their sons unconditionally.

3. Hard Rock Café: With their inspiration (2014)

We all love Indian Ocean. Infact, it’s one of my favourites (Sorry, Meghdhanush!) And it’s also one of Meghdhanush’s favourites. They always fantasized of how they would meet Rahul Ram and the Indian Ocean band and what would they tell the masters. Little did they know that they would not just meet their favourite but also perform with them. And this happened in the Hard Rock Cafe show in Gurugram, Pune and Mumbai. Their eyes still lit up when they talk about this show.

4. Baroda (MSU): First autograph (2014)

In the showbiz industry, being asked for an autograph is a huge deal. Like many artists, Meghdhanush did dream of giving autographs to their listeners, and it came true in Baroda. In this show, they launched their first original song ‘Baawari’ after one of their band members left the group. There were about 4,000 people. They were nervous regarding the reaction. But, soon their nervousness turned into confidence when a fan asked for their autograph.

5. Turkey: First international show (2014)

After their appearance in a reality show, their following soared high and wide. They started getting calls for live shows but the moment they can’t forget is when they got a call from Turkey. They didn’t miss the chance, said yes, and took the Indian music to an international stage.

6. Bihar: With no power (2016)

Imagine, a Gujarat-based band performing in a village in Bihar. Unheard of, right? Meghdhanush’s performanmce in Bihar was one of a kind. The audience was way different than their usual crowd, and while they were performing, there was a power cut. But did that effect the vibe? Not at all! The audience cheered and asked the band to keep performing. The way the crowd danced to the tunes and sang with the band motivated them to keep performing despite the power cut.

7. Baroda: Without the vocalist (2019)

What a nightmare it is when a vocalist loses his/her voice during a live performance! But, you can count on Meghdhanush to still engage the crowd and give them an unforgettable experience. So, during this show, the lead vocalist lost his voice and the band members still ended the show with a bang!

Author: Mansi Shah

Editor: Ruchika Jain

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