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Three defining moments of Binny, the Artist

For a performer, every show is a learning experience and a stepping stone. Every performance marks a milestone. These milestones can be as simple as the show ending without any glitch or as big as performing for the largest crowd of one’s career.

Singer and song-writer Binny Sharma is a great performer and before every show, his only aim is to ensure that the crowd is enjoying. For him, a good show is when he sees the crowd smiling ear to ear even during the last song.

In this piece, Binny shares stories about a few shows that changed his perspective towards the power of music and helped him evolve into the fantastic artist that he is today.

1. Trident in 2002 – An increase in worth

When Binny started doing gigs, he was paid around Rs. 250. But this gig changed his self-worth and his market-worth. When he was contacted for this private gig, he gathered courage and asked for Rs. 1,200. To his surprise, they agreed without negotiating. He played, looked at the crowd dancing and felt confident as he had finally asked for his worth. After the gig, he was handed an envelope. He opened it and was pleasantly shocked to find Rs. 2,500 instead of Rs. 1,200. This gig made his belief of making a career as a singer stronger, and increased his confidence in his art, his dreams and in himself.

2. St. Xaviers in 2012 – Not the usual opening act

When Binny stepped on the stage to open for Atif Aslam, he thought it would be just another opening act. However, his performance did more wonders than he expected. After the first song, he could see the crowd going crazy, dancing and singing along. His performance turned out to be a ‘complimenting act.’ His time slot was 30 minutes but he ended up performing for 45 minutes. The energy that evening was electrical. The way he performed and the audience’s reaction created an impression that he was the main performer. The love he received that evening made him realize that every performance, even if a short one, is an opportunity to create an impact like never before.

3. Wedding in 2003 – An acoustic set and lots of fun

When we think of a wedding guest list, we think of the numbers going to 2,000. But, the wedding in which Binny performed that evening had around 5,000 guests. Looking at the crowd and then looking at Binny’s acoustic set, the event manager’s expressions changed from ‘Waiting to see you perform!’ to ‘Isse entertain kar paoge?’ Binny replied, “Thayi jase.” He started singing and in no time thousands of people were dancing to his music. The energy and the crowd’s request to keep the night going taught Binny a lesson – the standard of an act doesn’t depend on the number of instruments or musicians, it depends on the quality of musicians even if there’s only one on stage.

Author: Ruchika Jain

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