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Some acting and lots of fun makes Kinjal a sparkling star

Being surrounded by cameras and lights, working with new people, learning from colleagues, making new friends and having lots of fun – this is how Kinjal Rajpriya describes her set life (which she is missing a lot nowadays!) Along with getting into interesting characters, she misses the hustle and the fun she has had with her reel families.

Kinjal always has a smile on her face but when she talks about her experiences during movie shoots and promotions, there’s a tinge of naughtiness in her laugh (the way kids laugh after doing some ‘gadbad’ in class). From the many stories she narrated, we have picked up a few (well, we wanted to tell you so much but some stories are best kept secret!) So, let’s start…

1. The heena boss:

Kinjal has played the role of a bride in most of her movies, and during these scenes, she ensures that she is given the same kind of attention that an actual bride gets. The mehendi on the sets is drawn by a sketch pen and the actors cannot touch anything including their face. So, she keeps giving orders just for fun. From making people tie her hair to holding a glass of water while she sips from it super slowly, she doesn’t let go of her dulhan avatar even after ‘cut.’ She says she’s worn a bridal lehenga so many times that she is going to marry in her favourite pajamas! (I am gate-crashing this wedding whenever it happens.)

2. Always playing:

Like many of us, Kinjal loves games and is always recommending one to everyone she meets. In the sets of Su Thayu, she got everyone hooked on to the game Psych to such an extent that the actors and ADs played it even during the shoot. Director Krishnadev Yagnik sometimes had to wait for them to complete the game before resuming the shoot. Though Kinjal got everyone addicted to this game, she (like the naughty kid in our class who does all the gadbad but gets the highest percentage) used to get done with her scenes fast and go back to her iPad to resume the game.

3. The foodie:

We all know that Kinjal can drive kilometers and kilometers for a perfect glass of bournvita. During her film promotion visits across Gujarat, she ensures that she has her favourite dishes and the city’s specialties. She also somehow convinces her co-actors to ditch their diet and get into the foodie mode. During one of the promotions in Baroda, the team had to visit a college. Before starting the promotions, they decided to stuff themselves with good Gujarati food. They ate so much that they had to ask the driver to park the car for a while before entering into the college so that they could have a 5-minute nap.

Kinjal believes in living in the moment and these stories tell us how lively she is, how fun she is and how involved she is in enjoying the present. These stories has made me miss my friends so let me take a break and call them up. You should too! Enjoy the present, be cheerful and come back for more such stories that I present to you after constantly peeping into our stars’ lives.

Author: Ruchika Jain

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