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Meghdhanush's Nostalgic Ode to Shaktimaan

Guys, remember Shaktimaan, our own Desi Superhero? What a show, right? I was just watching it today and it took me back to the 90s. Atyaare toh I am in full nostalgia mode.

The same 90s nostalgia inspired Meghdhanush to compose the song ‘Shaktimaan’ which was released nine years after the last episode of the show was aired. They gave it a rock twist (and, how well!). The song takes me down the memory lane whenever I hear it.

Do you want to hear the story behind the unique composition?

Toh pachi chalo, let’s start!

Jainam, Karan and Dhaivat were returning from a show in Pune and were upset even though the show went well. They had been in that mood for quite a few days as they weren’t able to think of a new jhatak idea.

So this is how the conversation went on that bus ride to Ahmedabad –

Jainam: Let’s compose something hatke yaar! I’m done with repeating all these Bollywood songs in the shows.

Karan: But, India mein Bollywood ke alawa people won’t like anything else. (Little did he know that by 2020, we will be irritated with Bollywood because all we get nowadays is bad remixes of beautiful old songs)

Dhaivat: And, we can’t afford taking a risk at this stage.

Jainam: Amm…Let’s think na. Acha, what kind of songs did we love the most as kids?

Karan: I always loved desi dhinchak songs to dance on, be it a shaadi or a get-together.

Dhaivat: I kind of liked those too.

(I can totally imagine little Karan and Dhaivat dancing on Chaiyya Chaiyya!)

Jainam: Hey, why not make a faadu rock song that everyone can enjoy in various occasions?

Dhaivat: Sounds fun, but I will not make ghisapita Bollywood covers yaar.

Karan: If we want to rule out Bollywood, then you suggest a song na. Anyway, you are a couch potato. Hahhaa!

Dhaivat: Aye, don’t you dare call me a couch potato. I just binge watch some shows and that’s it.

Karan: How about a TV show cover? I mean those saas-bahu serials our mothers watch. It can grab a lot of Indian women ka attention.

Jainam: What about Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi? Even Dhaivat loves that show. Hahahahha! (It seems like Dhaivat used to watch a lot of saas-bahu serials. Sorry, binge-watched them on Sundays when the episodes of the whole week were repeated. Hahahah)

Karan: No, I think Taarak Mehta is the real deal. We can compose a rock version of it.

Jainam: Aye, I hate that show and Daya from the core of my heart so that’s not happening. (Hey! Daya is cool man. I love her.)

Dhiavat: This might sound crazy but what about our desi superhero kanoon ka dost, mujrimo ka dushman - Shaktimaan.

Karan: How can I forget him? My weekends were incomplete without a little dose of Shaktimaan.

Jainam: Okay then! Sorry Shaktimaan. (Prays a little in his heart)

These guys, I tell you! They find inspiration in weird places. Fast forward to this day, Shaktimaan’s rock version that the band composed has crossed a million views on YouTube. (If you haven’t seen, please do. It’s a fun song. Go, hurry!) Scoopwhoop, Storypick and YouTube India also published articles on how unique and quirky the idea was.

The story doesn’t end here. This fun song was Meghdhanush’s first original song. This gave them the courage to compose more original pieces and pushed them to create teeny-tiny ideas into their next milestone.

Author: Mansi Shah

Editor: Ruchika Jain

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