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Our Story

We are a young talent management agency based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our aim is to help artists create their niche, find loyal audience and write history. We, at Stellar Talent Management, formulate successful promotional campaigns, manage bookings, provide PR services, and work towards solidifying our clients' career. 

At present, we are managing Meghdhanush (fusion rock band), Binny Sharma (singer - songwriter), and Kinjal Rajpriya (actor and influencer). We are the perfect solution if you want to be at the top, if you want to make it big and if you want to create an everlasting spark with your talent.

Our Story: About Us
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Samarth Pancholi

Founder and Director

Smart, intelligent, kind and a man with lots of patience. That's our founder Samarth Pancholi. He greets us everyday with a huge smile and stays positive even when we give up. A glass of Danny's coffee and CEPT wali maggi is the only kind of bribe he accepts. 
One of his favourite sayings is 'The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.' 
He founded the company in 2019 with the aim to create experiences that help artists spread their talent and find loyal audience across the globe.

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Ruchika Jain

Content Manager

She lives in nostalgia, loves drama, expresses herself the best through words and is always dancing. Our Content Manager Ruchika believes that fear is an illusion and if you have the right people with you, there's no obstacle big enough.


Harshal Shah

Outreach Manager

He is enthusiastic and is always ready to grab the right opportunity. No matter how tough the ideas are, he is always prepared to implement them. Our Outreach Manager Harshal believes that networking is the most crucial currency of the 21st Century.


Mansi Shah

Content and Research Intern

An avid reader, a selfie expert and the liveliest person of our team. Content and Research Intern Mansi is the one we go to when we come across a confusing millennial abbreviation. She believes in the inner energy that pushes us every time we think we can't take another step.


Moksha Jain

Content Intern

She is our hyper queen, and has a habit of penning down everything to the last bit. Our Content Intern Moksha loves to express herself through acting and by sending the most creative, cute and comedic GIFs. She believes that living in the present is the best way to live.


Priyesh Mehta

Marketing and Research Intern

He has an infectious laugh, a go-getter attitude and the coolest hairstyle in the team. Our Marketing and Research Intern Priyesh loves 12 am deadlines. He believes that learning is a continuous process and hardwork always pays.


Yana Shah

Marketing Research Intern

She is the youngest and sweetest member of our team. Our Marketing Research Intern Yana is dancing when not asking the right questions. According to her, one should know how to express and be ready to experience all they can to live life to the fullest.


Laurin Agrawal

Market Research Intern

He dreams of travelling the world but is the laziest of our lot. Our Market Research Intern Laurin is a sports enthusiast and would choose to talk to animals over us. He believes that failure are important lessons and not hurdles on our way to success.


Sanskruti Khara

Marketing Intern

A curious mind, nature-lover and adventurous geek, our Marketing Intern Sanskruti solves her problem with hours of power naps and mood swings with spicy food. Like her meals, she doesn’t believe in sugar-coating her words. According to her, promises lose meaning if actions are not aligned with words.

Our Story: Meet the Team
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